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How to save PC from Pen Drive Virus ?

This is a biggest issue around the world. Mostly virus infection comes from Pen Drive (USB Drive)

Yes, It’s true. Many of PC users think that their PC is not being infected by Viruses because they already have Antivirus installed on their PC & They never download anything unsafe from Internet.

What about Pen Drive Viruses ? Virus often comes from others PC. When you insert Pen Drive, It’s automatically run from it. Then you waste your time by scanning your PC to remove it.

Let’s do some step to avoid this thing for Windows.

You must have to shut down Shell Hardware Detection service.Pen Drive Virus

This thing will prevent auto play option which allows CD-ROM/DVD-ROM or Pen Drive playing without permission and prevent virus affecting a PC easily.

To shutting down Shell Hardware Detection,

Go to Control Panel>System and Security>Administrative Tools You will see a chart on Services option.

Find Shell Hardware Detection there and click on it. You will see properties, Click on Stop the service from top left..

Your auto play option will be disabled. After that, whenever you enter pen drive on your USB port that will not auto run. And if virus exists it will not be able to infect you PC.

Note : Don’t double click on Pen Drive or it’s folders. Scan your Pen Drive from  A good Antivirus (I recommend ESET Smart Security) before opening it.



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