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Introduction to Social Media

So you may have a few questions:
-what is “social media”?
-is there more than just Facebook and Twitter?
-why should I use it?
-can I use it for my business?

The Basics
Let’s begin with the basics. Before trying to explain what “Social Media” is, it might be easier to step back and refer to it by another name: your “Social Network”.

Real World
We all have a network of friends and acquaintances that we physically socialize with, these may be people that: we went to school, we play sports with, we work with, are our relatives etc. This, very basically is our “Social Network”.

Online World
The equivalent of this on the internet is called “Social Media” – the most widely known is Facebook. In Facebook we set up online relationships with people we know, this relationship is called a “friend”. We can interact with a single friend or broadcast announcements to all our friends.

This is start our our new series on “Social Media”.


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