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How to Improve Camera & Video Quality of HTC One X With The Mod

HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3 are pretty much similar, but few features inspired from nature and designed for human place Galaxy S3 on customers wishlist chart. Well, I compared HTC One X with Galaxy S3 and got Galaxy S3 as a winner. But, we are not here to improve the 8 Mega Pixel camera of HTC One X in terms of image capturing and video recording. The photos we take are vivid and so as videos but few things its average. It is found that the software restrict the potential of One X camera.

However, to satisfy the users who need more out their regular One X model, the developers of XDA have found a small mod which when applied on device permits the camera to perform in high level. It is seen that the HTC One X with stock software restricts the 1080p video and squash it to 10Mbps which is shocking. But all thanks to XDA devs who have found the tweak to remove the software restrictions. In order to give unleashed power to camera and increase the video to 20 Mbps, a high quality camera for One X mod is been developed.

If one applies this mod on their One X Smartphone then the videos give a never seen before sharpness and less compression defects. At the same time the image capturing will have zilch compression i.e. sharper, vivid and larger files. The HQ camera for OneX mod removes the slab of error and permits any image size save.

Note: Pamandroid and developer will not be responsible for any loss or damage. It’s entirely your risk to download and install the software. Make you clear that this may contain bugs.


  1. Unlocked and rooted HTC One X
  2. Computer with internet connection to download files from here to your
  3. USB cable

Steps to Proceed

STEP 1: Download the mod.

STEP 2: Now via USB cable connect the device to computer.

STEP 3: Its time to copy paste the downloaded file in the SD card and then switch off the device.

STEP 4: To enter the device into recovery mode, press and hold the Volume Down key and Power button together. When it is enter in the mode, select install zip from SD card and then flash the zip file.

Walla! You have done installation of the mod software to get high quality images and videos on your HTC One X.

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