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How To Access Hidden International Themes in Windows 7

When you Personalize (desktop>right click>Personaliize) your PC using a Theme (desktop background/window color /sounds) – the default choices are based on the location and language who selected during installation, i.e if you’re in Australia – you only get Australian themes, in Canada you only get Canadian themes and so on.
It is however, possible to gain access to the other location-based Themes.
In Explorer go to C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT, here you’ll see the following:

Double-click the country you’re interested in, then go into the Theme folder.
To install Canada, go to the following folder:
Now double-click the executable to install that Theme, in this case it’s the ‘CA’ Windows Theme File.
Now when you go back to Personalize (desktop>right click>Personalize) you’ll be presented with a new “Canada” option in My Themes.

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