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How to hide photos & videos on Android ?

Want to hide photos & videos on Android ?

Your android has good features, better camera, good video playback than others average phones.

Definitely other people will ask you to show them your android phone. What to do now ? Because you have private photos & videos in your phone.

Here are the two main ways to hide your pictures & videos on Android.

1. File Manager

Download any File Manager from Android Market. Create a directory in SD Card that starts with dot (.) followed by name, like .private


Move your photos into this folder. They will no longer show in the default Gallery nor any other picture viewer. You will need to remember where you put them.

Let’s see other way to hide photos & videos.

2. Vaulty

Why Vaulty ? It’s easy, free and you can hide unlimited photos & videos.


Download it from Android Market. When you will open Vaulty, It will ask you to set new password so no one can access the vault anymore.

Vaulty Screenshot

Click on Gallery at top of Vaulty. Select desire folder then photos or videos and click on “right” icon at top last. select your desire photos & videos to hide. Now all your selected photos & videos on Android are invisible.

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